REMINDER:  Next week the episode will be late!  We’re recording next Wednesday the 2nd.

In this week’s episode of Desynced Nerds – A Nintendo Switch podcast Colin and Devon talk about Nintendo Labo!  Interviews, replacementparts, and commercials, oh my!

They also drool over Dragon Quest 11, and the jrpg rejection of openworld games.  Then they wrap up with some Limited Run Games announcements, featuring the infamous and tawdry Night Trap!

Labo Interview pt1:


Labo replacement parts for sale:

Labo replacement parts for download:

Bill Nye Labo Commercial:

Dragon Quest XI producer on being an open world game:

Disgaea Special Edition Preorder:

Dbrand skins:

Way remastered reddit post:

Wolfenstein 2 boxart:

Merc Kings + Flinthook announcement:

NightTrap reveal trailer:

Poll of the time period:

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