About the Show:

Desynced Nerds is a podcast about all things Nintendo Switch.  Your hosts go through the weekly news and game releases in a fun engaging way through the whole show.

About the Hosts:
mario onesie Devon (@Kulanah):

Devon’s first console was a SNES when he was a wee child.  His first handheld was an OG Gameboy in the mid 90’s.  Nowadays most of gaming is done on the Switch, and he will always have a soft spot in his heart for Nintendo, even when they’re making terrible decisions (cough) friend codes (cough)
Favorite Game of All Time: ET for the Atari 2600


imageColin: (@DSNColin)

Colin’s first console was the NES with Duck Hunt, complete with the orange NES Zapper. His first handheld was the special edition yellow Donkey Kong Country Gameboy. Colin’s real entry into gaming came a little bit later in life with N64 and Gameboy Color. Favorites from that era were Perfect Dark, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Crystal. Currently Colin mostly plays Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Master Race games.
Favorite Game of All Time: Final Fantasy II (JP Ver.)